Aviation Training

航空培训板块:Aviation Training
航空培训事业部是www.yabo_yabo首页高新近.来重点发展的事业部之1部门下辖4个训练中心分别位于昆明 .天津 .新加坡 .沈阳. Aviation Training is one of the prioritized business divisions of Haite High-tech in recent years. We have four aviation training centers located in Kunming, Tianjin, Shenyang and Singapore respectively.
航空培训事业部拥有1支专业的中外教员队伍同时获得CAACEASA .新加坡 .泰国 .马来西亚 .觍 .越南 .觍饶嵛餮 .柬埔寨等多国民航局认证.
Haite aviation training boasts a professional team including Chinese and foreign instructors and has been approved by multiple Civil Aviation Authoriies including CAAC, EASA, CAAS, CAAT, CAAV, Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia, Directorate General of Civil Aviation India, Civil Aviation Authority of the Kingdom of Cambodia.
飞行员培训:Pilot training
To date,the division has12 level-D simulators for civil aircrafts and helicopters, 4 set of dynamic cabin with supporting equipment. The construction of total 23 simulator bays will be completed in 5 years. .
l B737NG D级全动飞行模拟机(4台)
l A320 D级全动飞行模拟机(6台)
l B737CL D级全动飞行模拟机(1台)
l EC-135型D级模拟机 (1台)
l A320综合程序训练器(1台)
l B737NG level D full flight simulator X 4
l A320 level D full flight simulator X6
l B737CL level D full flight simulator X 1
l EC-135 level D simulator X 1
l A320  Integrated Procedure Trainer X1
可为客户提供A320 .B737和EC-135机型的飞行员初始改装 .重获资格 .转机型 .复训 .升级 .差异训练等所有类型的飞行员训练.
We provide all types of pilot training on our A320,B737,EC-135 simulators to  customers ,such as initial, requalification, transition , recurrent upgrade,type rating, differential training etc.
乘务培训:Flight attendants training
可为客户提供A320 .A330和B737机型的初始 .复训 .转机型和应急生存训练等等所有类型的乘务员训练:
We provide all types of flight attendant training on our A320,A330 and B737 mock-ups for customers ,such as initial, recurrent, transition and emergency survival  training etc.
l B737陆上舱/滑梯
l B737水上训练舱
l B737舱门训练器
l 灭火训练房
Crew training facilities
l B737Cabin / slide
l B737Water training cabin
l B737Cabin door trainer
l Fire-fighting training cabin
l 昆明飞安航空训练有限公司
l Kunming AviationSafetyTraining Co., Ltd.
l 天津飞安航空训练有限公司
l Tianjin Flight Safety Aviation Training Co., Ltd
l 新加坡飞安航空训练有限公司
l Flight Safety Aviation Training Co., Ltd.(Singapore)
l 沈阳飞安航空训练有限公司
l Shenyang  AviationSafetyTraining Co., Ltd. 


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